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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and make everyone else have to drink. Through bizarre travel stories, wild misunderstandings, and comically bad encounters, corporate comedian Tyler Korso brings you deep into his strange little world. With him, or at him, you can't help but laugh.

Types of Performance

Stand-up Show

Corporate comedian Tyler Korso hits you with his stand-up comedy show full of laughter, gyrating, and hard truths about movies you love. What better way to team build than having a common enemy?


Bring your banquets and events up a notch with a professional emcee! Adding laughter and engagement to the night is a great way to make it memorable for audiences.

Comedy Workshops

With an in-depth look at the intricacies of delivery, joke writing, and stage presence, anyone can bring out their inner comedian. Great for presenters, future leaders, and anyone who just likes to laugh.


Comedy Clubs

Headlining or featuring, Tyler Korso is a great option for your comedy club or night. Invited to compete at the Chicago comedy festival, the Kansas City Improv, and that one dude's backyard, he's got the experience to command a room.

Corporate Events

Finding a clean, engaging, and strong corporate comedian can be tough! Tyler Korso blends a great mix of clean comedic takes and stories you'll love. Or at least chuckle awkwardly because you know it's true but don't want to admit it in front of the boss. You're secret's safe with me.


Stand-up comedy is great for campuses looking to help their students unwind and decompress. They say laughter is the best medicine, and your students are sick (of tests). One comedy show coming up! Doctor's orders.

Who is Korso?

Tyler Korso is the perfect choice for stand-up comedy as a clean comedian. With his clean and hilarious material, he delivers laughter that is family-friendly and suitable for all audiences. His versatile and engaging style, coupled with his professional and reliable approach, ensures an unforgettable and worry-free event experience that leaves everyone laughing and wanting more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the comedy show suitable for colleges?

Yes! The show is suitable for both corporate events and college campuses. All the material is fun and unique without delving into blue comedy territory. (unless that's what you want)

How long is the show?

Show length varies based on your event and needs. Standard shows are roughly 45 - 60 minutes as a stand-alone event and 25 - 30 minutes as part of a bigger event.

Do you pick on the audience?

No! The show is all about comedic stories, relating to weird situations, and interacting with the crowd to hear some of theirs.