Hands holding a fan of cards and withdrawing the ace of spades from the fan.

Comedy + Magic

Wonderfully Hilarious

The witty comedy and surprising moments of magic blend together to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Comedian Tyler Korso is blindfolded on stage at the Kansas City Improv Comedy Club and facing a volunteer holding a pack of playing cards.


Clean Comedy

Whether it's for a corporate event or a comedy club, quality and clean comedy is an exciting option to have.

Comedian Tyler Korso performing for a large crowd at the Chicago Magic Lounge

Event Emcee

Crowd-Pleasing Fun

With a clever cocktail of skill, charisma, and experience, Tyler Korso commands audiences small and large.

Tyler Korso smiling in a grey suit in front of a brick wall and looking to his right.


Magical Messages

Wrapping powerful messages in entertaining presentations, Tyler Korso delves into the power of communication and perspective.

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