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Weddings are a day of joy, excitement, and regretting that open bar you left everyone at for an hour while you took photos. That's where a wedding magician comes in!

We can't stop them from enjoying the refreshments, but we can certainly have fun with them at the reception while they do.

Strolling Magic

Korso entertains guests at your reception with sleight of hand and comedic moments that happen right under their noses. So take your time with photos with confidence knowing they're in good hands.

Comedy Magic Show

A short show is a great way to get everyone gathered and focused. After the laughter and amazement, they'll be ready for your new brother-in-law to make that heartfelt yet awkward speech.

Best of Both

With a mix of strolling and a show, this wedding magician can help your guests get ready and prepped for a good time dancing the night away and celebrating you on your special day.

Why hire a wedding magician?

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Turn downtime at the reception into something amazing and engaging for your guests.
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Stand out on your special day by making every moment a magical experience.
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Add that special touch with a short show to get everyone's attention and lead into the speeches.

Who is Korso?

Wedding magician and all-around performer Tyler Korso is from Kansas City. He travels the nation sharing his humorous and original perspective on life through magic, audience reactions, and laughter. With over a decade of experience, he has the skill to make your wedding reception a hit!

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Make it magical

Bring the magic to your guests with wedding magician Tyler Korso.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to perform?

Nothing usually! Both strolling magic and the show are self-contained. Depending on the event's size, a handheld microphone may be requested for a show.

Is it suitable for all ages?

Yep! While the comedy and magic Korso performs are geared toward adults, children and teens love the engaging and comedic act too.

Can we do something unique for my wedding?

Certainly. If you have any unique ideas or concepts you want to explore, just contact us and we can develop a custom plan for your wedding.