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Offering your patrons a clean comedy show option is a great way to engage them on off nights! Tyler Korso is a great option to add something special to your calendar, from the comedy magic variety show to energetic stand-up shows.

With 10 years of experience performing in corporate venues, he's got the chops as a clean comedian.

Comedy + Magic

Get the crowds going with witty banter and off-the-cuff humor, neatly wrapped around a unique and surprising magic show. Bring the comedy magic act to your club.

Comedy mind reading

Against his better judgment, Korso dives into the minds of his audience to pull hilarious bits of information out into the open. Mind reading, psychology, and maybe a call to your therapist.

Stand-Up show

Bringing in his years of experience with odd encounters, student loans, and relationships, clean comedian Tyler Korso has a jam-packed show ready to hit your stage.

Why hire a clean comedian?

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Generate New Patrons

Add a variety show to your line-up as a great way to draw new patrons to the club.
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Stand Out

Establish yourself as the go-to comedy club by offering unique and exciting comedy shows.
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Book on off nights

Fill holes in your calendar and draw crowds on off nights with a variety show.

Who is Korso?

Tyler Korso is a corporate clean comedian and variety entertainer from Kansas City. He travels the country, providing his fun and unique take on life through laughter, magic, and disappointed looks at the audience. With over a decade of experience, he has found his home among college shows, corporate parties, and comedy clubs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is he a headliner or a feature act?

Korso typically headlines his shows, though he is also a great addition as a feature to larger shows. He's opened for Jimmy "JJ" Walker, Tommy Davidson, Carlos Mencia, and Owen Benjamin.

How long is the show

Typical shows are 45-60, though this can be adjusted to match typical shows at your venue.

Does he require an opening act?

No opening acts are required, though they are most certainly welcome if the club has acts they wish to include who fit the event.