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Comedy + Magic

Magician for hire Tyler Korso blends his witty stand-up comedy with surprising magic moments to bring you a show like no other!

Part comedy - Part magic - All entertainment

Stand-Up Comedy

Through bizarre travel stories, wild misunderstandings, and comically bad encounters, comedian Tyler Korso brings you deep into his strange little world.

With him, or at him, you can't help but laugh.


Korso explores how being a magician for hire has changed his view on life and how you can harness the power of presentation when you need it most.

Everyday deceptions and how to spot them
Comedian Tyler Korso performing for a large crowd at the Chicago Magic Lounge

Campus Events

You know student engagement is everything when it comes to shows. So do we! That's why this highly interactive performance blends witty comedy, participation, and sly deception for a presentation your students aren't soon to forget.

Magician Tyler Korso smiling while handing a cellphone to a laughing audience member who is holding a screwdriver and a playing card.

Corporate Events

Companies constantly seek new and exciting ways to engage their employees, customers, and guests. Korso's corporate show can help break up long days of presentations, liven up company parties, and set the mood at banquets.

Comedian Tyler Korso is blindfolded on stage at the Kansas City Improv Comedy Club and facing a volunteer holding a pack of playing cards.

Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs and comedy nights are always in need of strong acts that know how to work clean. With his tongue-in-cheek approach and off-the-cuff nature, he's got a story for everybody. *This message has been approved by HR*

"Korso was one of the best performers that I have ever got to work with! The students loved all the interactive pieces, the bits of comedy, and magic, he is truly a master of two talents. We will 100% be inviting Korso back!"

- Kali Barnhart, M.Ed. - Assistant Director, Student Leadership & Engagement SUNY Delhi

"The students LOVED the show and stayed after to talk with him more. We look forward to having him on our campus again!"

- Caitlin Smothers, Student Activities Coordinator, St. Charles Community College

Korso’s performance was wonderful! We had hundreds of people in our auditorium. His show was perfect for the audience. He was great! The students loved it! So did our staff.

- Lindsey Coulson, Student Engagement and Leadership Manager, Clinton Community College, Clinton, IA

"Korso was a joy to work with during his time with us. The magic involved the students which was very popular! We loved him here at McM."

- Allen Withers, Dean of Students & Campus Life, McMurry University, Abilene, TX
Magician Tyler Korso smirking and glancing off to the right, with empty hands held up in a smoke filled room.

Who is Tyler Korso?

As a trained comedian and magician, Tyler Korso has been honing his act for over a decade, and that cocktail of skill and experience makes him the go-to campus and corporate magician for hire!

What is a Korso?
Comedian? Magician? Trickster? Perhaps all of the above! Blending his unique brand of comedy with unexpected magic, Korso brings you a performance like no other! Or at least that’s what his agent said to say.

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