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Quality entertainment is one of the best ways to add that special touch to any private event. Take it to the next level with a comedy magic show!

Tyler Korso has served as a party magician for events like intimate graduation parties, massive family reunions, and everything in between.

Parlor Magic Show

Standing on one end of the room, this self-contained parlor magic show can involve the whole party. Comedy and magic that doesn't require a microphone or anything special.

Close-Up Magic Show

In more intimate settings, Korso can join your party at a table (or project the show on a screen) and perform a close-up magic act with moments of wonder right under your nose!

Strolling Magic

David Blaine made close-up magic a world-wide experience. A magician strolling through a party, performing the impossible right in your hands. Great for cocktail parties and before a show.

Why hire a party magician?

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Some events only happen once, so make them memorable with moments of laughter and amazement.
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Whether it's your living room or a fancy restaurant you've booked, Korso's show can work anywhere there's space to stand!
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A party magician is an excellent way to involve the whole party, leaving nobody out of the fun!

Who is Korso?

Tyler Korso is a Kansas City-based party magician and variety performer. He travels the nation sharing his humorous and original perspective on life through magic, comedy, and shocked faces from the audience. With more than ten years of expertise, he is at home at business events, comedy clubs, and college performances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need?

More space is always great, though so long as Korso can stand in front of the audience with a clear line of sight for everyone, that's enough space for this party magician!

Can you perform outdoors?

Yep! Indoors or out is fine for the show. Depending on the weather, wind, or distance from the audience, the show may be altered so it doesn't blow away and can be seen by everyone.

Can you do the strolling and then a short show?

Of course! Any combination of close-up and shows can be arranged to fit your party. Just contact us and we'll consult with you on the best set up for your event.