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"Why should I read about Korso?"

Because you're into backstories. Or because it's a cleverly crafted ploy to build a rapport via parasocial relationships. Or because of SEO. Either way, let's dig in!


Did you laugh just a little at that? Good. That's how Tyler Korso likes to be introduced. It's simple, it's funny, and it's true!

At 6'6, he has quite a different perspective on the world. Constantly bombarded with questions, comments, and fascination over his height, he found it better to embrace standing out rather than trying to hide.

His appearance, background in theater, and knack for comedy helped forge the path to becoming a top magician in Kansas City!

“I didn't know there were magicians in Kansas City”

As a former Vice President of the “Society of American Magicians Assembly #38,” Korso can assure you of three things.

  1. You probably didn’t know there WAS a Society of American Magicians.
  2. There’s probably a magician closer than you think. (beware).
  3. There is a magician in Kansas City.

“So he's a comedy magician?”

People often ask: "Is he a comedian or a magician?"

If you asked the Snubfest Comedy Festival, they’d say he was invited as a comedian. If you asked the Chicago Magic Lounge, they’d say he was invited to headline as a magician.

But if you ask the audience, they say, “he’s awesome!”. So that’s what he says too.

“Does he only perform in Kansas City?”

Nope! This magician may live in Kansas City, but you can find him performing his act nationwide. Tyler Korso regularly entertains at college campuses and gaming conferences such as Gencon and Planet Comicon. If you play your cards right (pun VERY, painfully so, intended), he might end up performing near you!

"What about when he isn't performing?"

We don’t talk about downtime… it scares him.

Black line art of a rabbit wearing sunglasses inside a white circle.

Comedy + Magic

Entertain your guests with a witty and surprising show. Magic and comedy blending seamlessly to keep you laughing and guessing all the way through.

A wireless microphone inside a white circle.

Clean Comedy

With years of experience with odd encounters, student loans, and relationships, clean comedian Tyler Korso has a jam-packed show ready to hit your stage.

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Explore the art of perception and communication with renowned magician and speaker Tyler Korso in his unique and engaging presentations.

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