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A lesson to remember

A campus speaker is an excellent option when you need a great way to engage students during "welcome week" or add a little fun during particularly challenging times. Tyler Korso works hard to educate, inspire, and connect with students through a combination of comedy and magic.

Types of Performance

The Magic of Communication

From appearing on two national poetry slam teams and presenting at major gaming conventions, to magic shows for fortune 500 companies and reaching over 100k followers on social media, Korso’s done his fair share of talking to people. Communication is the advertisement of thought, and in a world built on advertisement, the best “sales pitch” wins. So what are you selling today, and are you selling it well?

Successful events 101

After honing his act for over a decade Tyler Korso has learned a lot about putting on great events and is here to share that with you. From how to set up a venue, to managing your audience, (and how to get one!) you will learn some standard practices and fixes for creating great events, no matter the size! This applies to anything from activities at your university, at your job, or even private events you put on yourself.

It's all about perspective

What separates the magician from the con artist? They both employ similar deceptive techniques and practices, and yet one is revered as an entertainer and a professional, while the other is a cheat and a scoundrel. It’s all a matter of perspective. Your actions and responses are based on how you perceive situations. In a world built around adaption, it’s imperative you know how to change your approach.



Experience the captivating insights of Tyler Korso as he guides you through the art of effective communication, event management, and the power of perception. From crafting compelling messages to hosting exceptional events, Tyler's keynotes empower you to thrive in the college environment with impactful communication skills and event organization expertise.

Team building

Unlock the secrets to success with Tyler Korso, as he shares his expertise in effective communication, event management, and the art of perception. Discover how to craft compelling messages, create unforgettable events, and adapt your approach to foster teamwork and enhance professional endeavors.


Delve into effective communication, event management, and the art of perception with Tyler Korso, an acclaimed magician and thought-provoking speaker. Explore the power of impactful messaging, exceptional event creation, and adaptive approaches to succeed in the corporate landscape. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and equipped with the tools to navigate the complexities of professional life.

Who is Korso?

With over 10 years of experience captivating audiences, Tyler Korso is the ideal keynote speaker. Combining comedy, magic, and insightful messaging, he offers a variety of engaging approaches to entertain and educate audiences from all backgrounds. Drawing on the unique and fascinating art of magic, Tyler explores the psychology of entertainment, connecting with audiences and demonstrating how its principles can be applied to empower individuals in any field of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics does Tyler Korso specialize in as a keynote speaker?

Tyler Korso is a versatile keynote speaker, specializing in communication, effective messaging, event management, and the power of perception. His presentations combine his diverse background in poetry slams, gaming conventions, and magic shows, offering unique insights and actionable strategies for success.

Can Tyler customize his keynote presentation to align with our event's theme or specific needs?

Absolutely! Tyler understands the importance of tailoring his message to fit your event. He can customize his keynote presentation to align with your event's theme, address specific challenges, or incorporate desired messaging. Please contact us directly to discuss customization options for your event.

What is the ideal duration of Tyler's keynote presentation?

Tyler offers keynote presentations of various durations to suit your event's needs. Typically, his presentations range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, including Q&A sessions if desired. However, he can adjust the duration to fit your schedule and preferences. Contact us directly to discuss the ideal duration for your event.