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When you throw an event, you want a professional host so you know your audience is taken care of and you can focus on everything else! If you want an event emcee who can manage a crowd, is quick on their feet, and able to adapt to the flowing nature of events, consider Tyler Korso!

Types of Performance


Experience the exceptional hosting of Tyler Korso: performer, communicator, magician. With charisma and captivating humor, he elevates events, leaving audiences inspired and entertained.

Event coordinating

Level up your event planning with Tyler Korso by your side. From initial concept to flawless execution, his expert guidance and support will ensure a seamless and memorable experience, leaving you and your team inspired and stress-free.

Stand-up comedy

Experience the unforgettable fusion of hosting and stand-up comedy with Tyler Korso. As your dynamic event host, he effortlessly engages and entertains, delivering a seamless and laughter-filled occasion that leaves a lasting impression.



Elevate the atmosphere of your banquet to new heights with a professional event emcee. From engaging introductions to seamless transitions, their charismatic presence will entertain the audience and create a memorable experience of laughter and joy.


Energize your conference with professionalism and laughter by having a comedian as your emcee. With their exceptional hosting skills, they will ensure a seamless event flow while entertaining and engaging the audience, creating an unforgettable experience that inspires and uplifts attendees.


Whether it's a gala, award ceremony, or any special occasion, make it a memorable affair by having a professional host. Their vibrant personality and witty humor will captivate the crowd, keeping things engaging and enjoyable from start to finish. With their expert skills and comedic talent, they will leave a lasting impression on your guests, making your event an extraordinary success.

Who is Korso?

As a premiere event emcee, Tyler Korso brings a decade of experience from comedy clubs to street performances, successfully engaging audiences of all sizes. With his ability to handle and lead crowds, he expertly guides them through events, adapting to the unique needs of each occasion. Understanding that every event is distinct, Tyler's customized approach ensures that he comprehends your vision and delivers a tailored experience, making your event truly exceptional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Tyler Korso a great choice as an event emcee?

Tyler Korso's experience as a performer, comedian, and magician brings a unique blend of entertainment and professionalism to the role of an event emcee. His charismatic presence, exceptional hosting skills, and ability to engage and entertain the audience make him an ideal choice for keeping the energy high and ensuring a seamless flow throughout your event.

Can Tyler incorporate comedy and magic into his role as an event emcee?

Absolutely! As a comedian and magician, Tyler can infuse his hosting duties with moments of laughter and magic, creating a truly engaging and memorable experience for your audience. From witty banter to surprising illusions, Tyler's versatile skills can add an extra layer of entertainment to your event.

Can Tyler collaborate with our team to plan and coordinate the event?

Certainly! Tyler understands the importance of working collaboratively to ensure the success of your event. He can work closely with your team to plan and coordinate various aspects, including scheduling, introductions, transitions, and other specific requirements. Contact us directly to discuss how Tyler can collaborate with your team to create a seamless and memorable event experience.